PS3 Video converter

Have you got a PS3? Enjoy your HQ videos


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PS3 Video Converter for Windows allows you to convert multimedia files into a High Quality format supported by your PS3 and your PSP (MPEG-4/ AVC ).

PS3 Video converter can convert your videos and keep their high quality, so they can be played by your PSP or your PS3 in high definition 480/720 p and 1080p. Now you can enjoy high definition video.

But Ps3 video is not everything on this really good application, you will be able to solve that question you had in mind about saving only the sound from a video as MP3 or ACC keeping the quality.

PS3 Video Converter will give live to your portable devices, no matter which one you have (iPod, PSP, Zune, etc.)

You will be able to modify some settings according to the encoding, such as video and audio quality, sample rate, zoom or frame rate, so the result file will suit your needs.

Catch your memory card because PS3 Video converter will give it a breath of life.

The trial version only encode 5 minutes of each file

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